How To Market On The Internet


Building a successful internet business should not be difficult. However, for most people it is difficult because they don't understand the strategy for building their business the right way. In this video Vick goes over some strategies and key focus areas that make the biggest difference in the level of success you will achieve.You will learn about the 4-key focus areas and about the Internet Marketing Triangle.Once you understand this stuff, the rest will be easy.

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Is Money Important?


“Money will only make you more of what you already are.” - T. Harv Eker


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Email List Building


57 Email List Building  Tips


What is a List?


If you’ve used a shopping card, signed up for a credit card, subscribed to a magazine, bought something from a catalog, or filled out a product registration form, chances are you’re part of someone’s mailing list.


This is the kind of list we’re talking about here.


A mailing list is what enables organizations, businesses, or whoever owns that list to keep in touch with their members/customers and keep them engaged with whatever it is that they’re promoting.

The Money is in the List


Unless you’re just starting out as an Internet marketer, you’ve probably already heard of the saying “the money is in the list” several if not countless times. If you haven’t, try doing a search on Google (or any search engine, for that matter) for “the money is in the list”.


Fact is, every successful Internet Marketer has a list.


Unfortunately, however, the saying that the money is in the list is not entirely true. If it were, then the guys with the biggest lists would be ones who are making the most money. Truth of the matter is, quite often, the guys at the top of the leader board are people very few of us have heard of. This makes one wonder, “what do those guys have that others don’t?”


The answer is quite simple, really. What they have are well-targeted and prequalified lists. This is why it’s a bad idea to buy lists from other people.


There are two types of email marketers:


  • those that do just about anything they can to get people on their lists (even if it means having to fool them into signing up) and
  • those that only want people on their lists they feel they can genuinely help.

I think it’s obvious which one of these is the better kind of email marketer and the
one that you should emulate.

Remember that leads are the lifeblood of any business. So, build your list with a lot of care and with a clear conscience.

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Rank Your Blog On Google


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This video is for those that want to create a lead generation blog.

Rank Your Blog on Google

The number one way to rank on Google, is…


Step into your future, 12 months from now.  How many blog posts have you done this year?

The principle of consistency works for every marketing strategy that you do!

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